What Is Vigrex For

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What is Vigrex For?

Vigrex is a men’s supplement for better bedroom performance. But Vigrex Side Effects could be dangerous. This is because Vigrex Ingredients contain both Yohimbe and Ginseng. Vigrex Ingredients have a shocking 500 mg of Yohimbine at a 4:1 concentration. Even more dangerous, Vigrex Ingredients have an unknown amount of Red Ginseng inside a larger 700 mg blend. Wikipedia confirms the Vigrex Ingredient Yohimbine is already banned from use in several countries. It is dangerous to put Yohimbe and Ginseng in the same supplement. Not surprisingly, this Vigrex Review urges extreme caution using Vigrex for better sex. CBS News confirms Yohimbe is a dangerous supplement that can create Wild Blood Pressure swings for men during sex. WebMD warns against using the Vigrex Ingredient Ginseng because it can cause a blood pressure drop.